Why Do I Hear Hissing When I Start My Car’s Engine?

You likely have a cracked exhaust manifold or gasket if you hear hissing when you start your car’s engine. John’s Auto Care is the best auto shop in Roseville, and we’d be happy to inspect the exhaust manifold and its gasket to see if we can find a crack. If we do, we will replace the faulty exhaust system part. Aside from hissing noises, you may also hear tapping sounds and experience the problems listed below.

Sputtering Performance

Whether it is the manifold or gasket that is leaking, the engine will fill with exhaust gases and start to sputter. Unfortunately, you will continue to have engine performance problems with your automobile until you have the manifold or gasket replaced. The exhaust will continue to escape out of the crack and keep the engine stuffed with exhaust gases that affect combustion production.

Reduction in Fuel Efficiency

To rub salt in the wound, the poor engine performance is also going to affect your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Because the engine is struggling to run, it will burn more fuel to produce power. Consequently, your gas mileage will be lower than normal and you will have to fill the tank more often. This can be a huge problem for those on a tight budget with gas prices as high as they are.

Burning Odors in the Engine

As the exhaust fills the engine, it will heat it up. The exhaust is hot, so the engine will get hot. Unfortunately, this means that your engine will overheat and you will smell burning odors coming from the engine. Specifically, you will smell hot metal, burning rubber, and burning plastic. The exhaust is so hot that it can melt auto parts made from the latter two materials.

Exhaust Odors in the Cabin

A dangerous sign that you have an exhaust manifold leak is exhaust odors in the cabin of your vehicle. Because the exhaust has filled the engine, it is possible that the ventilation system will pick it up and blow it through the vents. Do not drive your vehicle if you can smell the exhaust. Continuing to operate the automobile is dangerous because the exhaust is poisonous.

Check Engine Warning Light

Finally, as you can see, a cracked manifold or gasket can cause all kinds of problems in the engine. As such, the engine control unit will turn on the check engine light until you have the manifold replaced.

John’s Auto Care in Roseville, CA, would be happy to help, so call us today to set up a service appointment for your automobile so we can inspect the exhaust system.

Photo by glaxia from getty images via Canva Pro

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