Signs I Need a New Engine

Does your car need a new engine? We can help determine if this is the case by inspecting the engine completely. In some cases, severe problems may require a new engine or a partial engine rebuild to repair them. Even if you take excellent care of your automobile, there will come a point when you will need to replace the engine if you plan to keep it for life.

Constant Knocking

For example, if the engine knocks constantly while you drive it, you may have worn rod bearings. Eventually, these bearings can break one or more of the rods and you will not be able to get your car started. The rods move the pistons up and down inside the cylinders. If the pistons are making contact with the cylinder walls, they will knock. This is a sign that the rod bearings are worn.

Constant Overheating

Another serious problem is your engine overheating constantly. This can be a sign that you need a new cooling system. For example, the radiator can rust, get clogged with corrosion, and start leaking out of the bottom if it is too old. You may also have corrosion throughout the cooling system. Unfortunately, this will inhibit the coolant’s circulation and your car will overheat when you drive it.

Excessive Exhaust

A blown head gasket can cause excessive exhaust to flow out of the tailpipe. Specifically, the exhaust may be white in color because coolant is leaking through the head gasket and into the cylinders. If the exhaust is blue, motor oil is burning in the cylinders. Finally, you never want to see black exhaust flowing out of the tailpipe because this means that the engine has a fuel leak.

Metal in the Oil

Your engine will need to be completely replaced if you see metal shavings in the motor oil. We wish we could tell you that this is not a bad thing, but, unfortunately, it’s one of the worst things that can happen to your engine. The reason why the motor oil has oil in it is that the engine parts are dissolving. That’s right! They are literally disintegrating into the oil.

Significant Power Loss

Finally, your car may need a new engine if it can no longer produce power. Unfortunately, every engine has a lifespan, and, eventually, it will reach the end of that lifespan. When this happens, there is no specific repair that we can do to restore the engine’s power.

If you are concerned about your automobile’s engine, call us today to set up a service visit for an engine inspection.

Photo by aopsan from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

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