Power Steering Pump Problems Produce the Following Signs

Power steering pump problems can manifest at the worst possible time. John’s Auto Care advises that if your power steering pump is going bad, you may find it difficult to control your automobile. We’d be happy to inspect the pump to see if it needs to be replaced. Generally, power steering pumps last 100,000 miles. Let’s talk about the signs that your power steering pump is going bad below.

Groaning and Moaning

If you have toddlers, you probably hear a lot of groaning and moaning coming from the backseat. This being said, if you hear groaning and moaning coming from the engine, your power steering pump is going bad. You will hear this sound when you use the steering wheel, and this sound will get louder the tighter you turn the wheel. Groaning is a common sound of a faulty power steering pump.

Stiff Steering Wheel

You may also find it difficult to turn the steering wheel if the power steering pump is malfunctioning. The pump’s purpose is to circulate the power steering fluid through the hydraulic system to help you turn the steering wheel. Naturally, if the pump is going bad, there may be poor fluid circulation in the system. Consequently, your steering will be very hard to turn, especially tightly.

Unresponsive Steering

There may come a point when your vehicle fails to respond to your steering commands. Naturally, this can make driving your automobile dangerous, especially if you need to turn out of traffic. It’s better to have the power steering pump checked at the first sign of trouble than to take chances. Taking chances can leave you stranded with an inability to steer your automobile.

Leaking Steering Fluid

Your power steering pump may start to leak the power steering fluid once it goes bad. Power steering fluid is red. If you suspect that the pump is leaking the fluid, check the fluid level in the power steering reservoir in your engine. Do this when your engine is cold. If the level is low and you have red spots on the garage floor, the power steering pump is leaking fluid.

Silver or Gray Fluid

Finally, your power steering pump definitely needs to be replaced if the power steering fluid has turned silver or gray. This is an indication that there is metal residue in the fluid. The metal residue is coming from the power steering pump, which is disintegrating into the fluid.

John’s Auto Care in Roseville, CA, is here to help, so call us today if you suspect that your power steering pump is going bad.

Photo by Stason4ic from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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