Keeping Your Car Cool in the Summer Heat

You want your car, truck, or utility vehicle as cold as possible when the mercury rises above 90 in Roseville, California. Summer is here and the weather is hot. How do you keep your car cool, both the engine and the interior, when the sun’s rays are beating down on it? John’s Auto Care is going to list some tips below to help you keep your car cooler in the summer’s heat.

Take Advantage of Shade

Always take advantage of shade when you can. Whether you park under a tree or an overhang, parking your car in the shade prevents the sun from beating down on it. In some cases, all of the shady spots will already be taken, so be prepared. Put a shade in the windshield after you park your automobile, put shades in the windows that you can pull down when you park, and put a shade in the rear window.

Park in Garages

An alternative that provides shade is parking in garages. For example, if your garage is full of junk, get rid of it so you can park your car in the garage to keep it out of the sun. When you are running errands in town, look for garages where you can park. These structures not only shade your car from the sun but also help provide extra security because these garages are usually manned by attendants.

Cover the Interior

Another thing you can do to prevent the scald that you get when you get into your car after it has been parked in the sun is to cover the interior. Use old towels or rags for this added protection. Cover the seats, steering wheel, console, and dashboard to not only keep them cool but also protect them from the sun’s UV rays. These rays can fade and damage your car’s interior.

Ventilate the Interior

Ventilation is also key in keeping the automobile cooler. Crack the windows so you have a little bit of air flowing into the automobile. Keep in mind that even with the windows cracked, the interior of the vehicle will still get too hot for pets and children, so never leave them in the car.

Schedule a Service Visit

Finally, give us a call to schedule a service visit for your automobile. With respect to the interior, we will inspect your car’s air conditioning system to make sure it can cool the inside quickly and efficiently. We will also inspect the cooling system to make sure it can keep the engine cool.

John’s Auto Care in Roseville, CA, is here to help, so call us today.

Photo by welcomia via Canva Pro

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