Is Replacing the Head Gasket an Extensive Repair?

Yes, John’s Auto Care advises that replacing the head gasket in an automobile is a labor-intensive project. It must be done, however, if the head gasket has cracked. Also called a blown head gasket, when this happens, coolant and oil leak into the combustion chamber. This can create all kinds of problems in the chamber as well as in the engine. Let’s talk more about this below.

Instant Coolant Loss

Because the coolant will immediately leak into the combustion chamber, your car, truck, or utility vehicle’s engine will suffer instant coolant loss. Consequently, the coolant that is circulating through the engine will leak out of it and into the combustion chamber once the head gasket is blown. Naturally, the engine is going to start running too hot because it does not have enough coolant.

Overheating Engine

In fact, a common cause of an overheating engine is a cracked head gasket. The engine will overheat not only because the coolant is leaking into the combustion chamber but also because the heat of the combustion chamber is rising into the engine. The combustion chamber is extremely hot. Consequently, your engine’s temperature is going to rise to an extreme temperature quickly.

Overheating Coolant

The engine’s temperature can get so hot that it will overheat the coolant that remains in the radiator and overflow reservoir in the coolant will start to boil. It is extremely important that you pull over and cut the engine before it gets to this temperature. Boiling coolant will blow the radiator cap. In addition, the engine’s heat can crack the cylinder block or exhaust manifold.

White Vehicle Exhaust

When the coolant leaks into the combustion chamber, it is mixed with the air and fuel in the chamber and burned by the spark plugs. This can cause your automobile to release white exhaust out of the tailpipe. The white exhaust is the color that occurs when the engine is burning coolant. The extreme engine temperature may also cause steam to come out from underneath the hood.

Milky-White Motor Oil

Finally, another thing that is going to turn why is your motor oil. Once the head gasket blows, the coolant mixes with the motor oil and creates a milky white liquid. We’ve mentioned above that you do not want to drive your automobile when the engine is running as hot as it will run with a cracked head gasket. You also don’t want to drive it with diluted motor oil.

John’s Auto Care in Roseville, CA, would be happy to help, so ring us up today to set up a service appointment so we can replace the head gasket.

Photo by skhoward from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro

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