Does a Car Battery Give You a Warning That It Is About to Die?

Yes. If you are lucky, John’s Auto Care advises that your car’s battery may warn you that it needs to be replaced. We can’t guarantee that you will receive a warning, but if you have had to jump-start the battery frequently lately, it is time to replace it. This is just one sign that the battery is going bad. Here are other signs that your battery is reaching the end of its life.

The Battery Light Turns On

The battery light should only turn on when you first start your automobile. It will remain on for a few seconds and then turn off once the system sensor reports that everything is okay to the main computer chip. If your battery light stays on or turns on while you are driving your automobile, this is the battery telling you that there is a problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

It’s Difficult to Start the Engine

We mentioned above that if you have to jump-start the battery regularly, it is going bad. The same is true if you have difficulties starting your engine every time you turn the ignition key. Your engine should only crank one time or two before it fires up. If it cranks for a long time before it ignites, the battery may not be producing enough electricity for ignition.

You’ve Got Electrical Problems

Speaking of electricity, you may also end up with electrical problems in your vehicle if the battery is going bad. For example, if you notice that your dashboard seems dimmer at night, it is not receiving the normal power that it does from the battery. Your headlights may also be dimmer. Your vehicle’s power accessories may also slow down or malfunction.

There Are Visible Signs of Damage

If you believe that your battery is going bad, take the time to take a look at it. If you see corrosion on the battery terminals, a misshapen battery case, or a cracked battery case, you’ve got a lot going on inside the battery that needs to be addressed. For example, the corrosion on the terminals is a sign that the battery is leaking. If the case is misshapen, the chemical reaction is breaking down.

Finally, John’s Auto Care in Roseville, CA, advises that another sign that your battery is leaking is the odor of rotten eggs around the battery. Give us a call today if you need a new battery installed in your automobile.

Photo by kb group via Canva Pro

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