Can a Clogged Oil Filter Make My Car Fail a Smog Check?

Yes, John’s Auto Care advises that a clogged oil filter can make your car fail the smog check. This is because a dirty oil filter releases dirty motor oil into the engine and increases the hydrocarbons found in your exhaust. The hydrocarbons are the bad things that are regulated in the state of California. Unfortunately, if you have too many hydrocarbons in your exhaust, your vehicle will not pass the smog check. This is just one sign that your oil filter is clogged. Let’s talk about the other signs below.

Sputtering Performance

The dirty motor oil can also affect your engine’s performance. It will reduce it. Your engine will sputter and struggle to run because the motor oil is depositing grime throughout it. The best way to keep your engine running efficiently is to change the motor oil every 3,000 miles. This keeps the engine clean because the oil that is circulating through it is clean. It also keeps a clean oil filter in the engine because it is automatically changed when the oil is changed.

Reduced Gas Mileage

A sputtering engine will reduce your vehicle’s gas mileage. This is because, again, the engine is not running efficiently. The best way to boost your gas mileage, which is important with gas prices what they are in California, is to change your oil regularly and have all of the other services listed in your owner’s manual performed at the recommended mileage milestones. This includes changing all of the fluids and filters when they need it.

Metallic Engine Noise

A clogged oil filter can not only circulate dirty motor oil through the engine but also prevent oil circulation altogether. This is a sign of a seriously clogged filter. When the oil is not circulating through the engine, you will hear metallic noises coming from the engine. These noises could be grinding or clanking. If you continue to drive your automobile, you could kill the engine in less than 30 minutes – literally.

Reduced Oil Pressure

Finally, a clogged oil filter is going to reduce the oil pressure in the engine. There’s no way to avoid this because it affects the oil’s circulation. One sign that you have low oil pressure is a dashboard warning light in the shape of an oil can. This light will also come on if you have low levels of motor oil in the engine.

Call John’s Auto Care in Roseville, CA, to set up an oil change service if you suspect that the oil filter is clogged.

Photo by anurakpong Getty Images via Canva Pro

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