Auto AC & Heat Repair

Auto AC & Heat RepairTemperature is important in terms of your vehicle. Inside the cabin, you want to feel comfortable on your daily commutes, no matter what the weather is. And under the hood, your engine needs to be kept cool to avoid overheating and subsequent damage. At John’s Auto Care in Roseville, CA, we appreciate the role that temperature plays with your vehicle which is why we offer comprehensive automotive AC, heater, and cooling system service and repair.

Auto AC Service Roseville, CA

Prevent your vehicle’s air conditioning from failing you by having your auto AC system inspected and serviced each year before the temperatures reach their peak. When you come in for air conditioning service early in the season, we can make sure your entire system is running in tip-top shape as well as check for things like the level and quality of your refrigerant. If yours is a little low we will perform a recharge. We can also add a dye if we suspect a leak in order to more easily find and repair it.

Auto AC Repair Near Me

There is nothing worse than getting into your car on a scorching summer day, flipping on the air conditioner, and finding that it has bit the dust? When your vehicle’s AC can no longer cool you down, John’s Auto Care is here to help.

Some of the signs that you will soon be dealing with air conditioning failure in your vehicle include:

  • A strange odor coming from the AC
  • Weak or warm airflow coming from the vents
  • New noises when you turn on your air conditioner
  • Something is leaking from your dashboard

Whatever the issue is, avoid a total AC breakdown by scheduling an appointment with John’s Auto Care as soon as you notice a change in your system’s behavior. Our team of experts are pros for AC repair in Roseville.

Auto Heater Repair Roseville, CA

Summer isn’t the only time you need to alter the temperature inside your car to feel comfortable. During cold snaps in the winter, a working heater is an absolute necessity. If your heater can no longer warm you up, not only is it a sign that you need to schedule a repair appointment, but it could also be a symptom of a larger problem in your cooling system. Either way, it doesn’t make sense to ignore it.

Cooling System Repair Roseville, CA

Your engine’s cooling system is responsible for keeping your engine running at the optimal temperature. When engines overheat, it is never a good thing and can lead to engine failure. This system circulates coolant through the engine to cool it down and then releases that heat through the radiator. If any part of this system is leaking or worn, it compromises the entire system as well as your engine.

If your engine is overheating, we recommend that you pull over and call John’s Auto Care right away. The longer your engine runs hot, the higher your chances of engine damage.

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